Bee Pollen And Nutrition – The Nutritional Benefits of Bee Pollen And Why You Should Be Interested

You may wonder why bee pollen and nutrition are mentioned together, and why should you be interested.

Chances are that you live in a country like the US, UK or Australia where for most people food is readily available.

In fact, we are told that there is an obesity epidemic in these countries!

However, studies have shown that many people in these countries are actually malnourished, and that is a possible contributor to obesity.

This doesn’t make sense does it?

Defining nutrition

First I think we should define nutrition, what it is, and why we should be interested.

Nutrition is defined as the way which a living person absorbs food and uses it for growth and cell replacement, or to put it in simple English, the process of eating the right kind of food so you can grow properly and be healthy.

Lack of nutrition or malnutrition can lead to many of the chronic diseases found today.

There are many causes of this malnutrition but the main contenders are:

- soil which is deficient in nutrients caused by the widespread use of chemicals since the end ofWW2 (1945) causing vitamin deficiencies in the food grown that soil,
- foodstuffs transported around the world and stored for long periods which depletes essential vitamins,
- over processed foods which have plenty of calories but little nutritional value,
- overuse of many medical drugs,
- pollution,
- chemicals in general.

It is interesting to note that our parents and grandparents were generally healthier than us, and what they called “food” is known to us today as “organic food”.

Bee Pollen And Nutrition

Even if you consider that you’re eating habits are healthy and it is generally agreed that fruits and many vegetables today contain less nutrients than they did 50 years ago.

One food expert has stated that it would take 8 oranges to provide the same amount of Vitamin C as one orange provided 50 years ago.

The sad reality is that it is necessary to supplement the modern diet in order to receive sufficient nutrition for the body, so rather than gamble with your health perhaps you should consider taking a bee pollen supplement for your possible lack of nutrition.

Bee pollen nutrition supplement

Bee pollen is dense with vitamins, minerals, enzymes – in fact all the building blocks of a healthy body. It is known as nature’s most complete food.

A pollen supplement will at the same time improve your metabolism, control your weight, improve your immune system, increase energy and stamina and many other benefits – too many to list in this short article.

Finding the best bee pollen nutrition supplement

Finding the best supplement is very important if you wish to gain the maximum benefits from this superfood.

The best source will not only provide pure supplements from a controlled and unpolluted environment but will also be manufactured to pharmaceutical standards, which means that you can be assured of getting the bee pollen nutrition health benefits that you are looking for.

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